DNA Miracles嬰兒易生菌粉末 - 單罐裝(30份)

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作為父母,您當然希望確保寳寳的健康。使用DNA Miracles嬰兒益生菌粉末讓您能可以安心,因為知道您為孩子提供當今市場上最有效的兒童益生菌及益生源配方。 益生菌及益生源是兒童均衡及健康發育的營養素。健康的益生菌及益生源是透過母乳從母親傳送給孩子。在某種情況下—例如,如果嬰兒是用奶粉來餵養或以剖腹生產的—為嬰兒補充適量含母乳成分能有利嬰幼兒健康成長。* 再者,外在因素可能會造成嬰兒的細菌組成不平衡。研究顯示,無論是透過食物或補充品增加益生菌及益生源時,都可促進嬰兒的細菌平衡,有益健康。* DNA Miracles嬰兒益生菌粉末為您的嬰兒提供科學配方的益生菌及益生源組合,以及健康、 安全份量的維生素D。DNA Miracles嬰兒益生菌粉末每一份量含有 2 億個菌落形成單位 (CFUs) 的益生菌,研究顯示對嬰兒和初生幼兒身體健康有許多好處。DNA Miracles嬰兒益生菌粉末還提供900毫克的益生源,以支援健康的細菌在腸道中正常生長及活動。連同維生素D,這三種成分具有協同效應和強化母乳的某些益處。* 父母總想給孩子提供最好的。使用DNA Miracles嬰兒益生菌粉末,您不僅可確保您盡全力支持嬰兒的健康,並且我們秉持承諾提供優質的產品與呵護。 因為每個孩子都是一個愛的奇蹟。本銷售之產品尚有至少3個月的保質期






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Our 7 week old grandson had issues with his stomach and would throw up after eating. Giving him 1/4 scoop 4 times a day to introduce slowly has helped immensely.

April 22, 2020

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Gave me my life back

If there were 10 stars I would give it that rating! My daughter was born with acid reflux and was a constant crier. She was a few months old when my friend recommended this product for her. She was waking up every 2 hours to feed and in between those 2 hours she cried most of the time. She barely slept and neither did I. When I started putting this in her milk bottle, she slowly started getting better and her crying became less constant and we both were sleeping more! This product gave me my life back (more hours of sleep) and a less cranky baby!

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One of my favorite products!

I started giving my baby Probiotics Plus when he was 12 mos old. He was waking up between 1-5am every night and needed a bottle to go back down. Within a couple days of starting him on it (adding it to his bottle), he was sleeping through the night! I believe the probiotics help him absorb the nutrients he needed from his daytime meals, thus he no longer needs the extra bottle in the middle of t