DNA Miracles Isotonix兒童綜合維生素粉末 - 單瓶裝(90份)

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現今市面上有許多能滿足兒童營養需求的選擇,然而,選擇值得信賴又能符合孩子特殊需求的營養品格外重要。對某些孩子來說,他們需要更多的東西。這就是為什麼我們精心調製DNA Miracles Isotonix®兒童綜合維生素粉末。DNA Miracles Isotonix®兒童綜合維生素粉末與傳統兒童維生素的不同之處,在於此配方可以支援兒童在消化功能、 神經系統及新陳代謝健康方面的特定營養需求。DNA Miracles Isotonix®兒童綜合維生素粉末不僅提供兒童必要的營養需要,幫助他們身體強壯、保持健康,並提供了精心挑選、具高度生物利用性的維生素及礦物質綜合配方。這是極之重要的,因為這些成分能迅速被吸收,為身體更有效運用,讓孩子在成長階段獲得他們需要的營養素。此外,DNA Miracles Isotonix®兒童綜合維生素粉末採用先進的Isotonix傳輸系統,將精心條配的綜合維生素快速且有效輸送體內,高效運用、發揮最大效益,並快速感覺到效果。當您的孩子需要綜合維生素的額外支援時,快來試試專為他們特別設計的DNA Miracles Isotonix®兒童綜合維生素粉末。因為每個孩子都是一個愛的奇蹟。






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Happy kids happy mommy

My daughter absolutely loves these vitamins! They taste great and she always asks for more, although we don’t give her more but she looks forward to starting her morning off with them. I love the peace of mind that she is getting nutrients she needs with the isotonix delivery system with out binders and fillers like other vitamins on the market. Would highly recommend these especially for picky eaters like mine who don’t get all of their nutrition through food alone.

February 24, 2020

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Love love love!

We love this multi so much. My one year old is MTHFR so I make sure all her supplements are methylated. One of the reasons I love this so much. She loves the taste and it looks like orange juice.

Easy way to keep children healthy

It is easy to administer since it is a liquid. Better yet, my daughter loves the taste! She just turned 3 yrs old and she asks for her vitamins every morning. I feel good knowing that due to the delivery system, my daughter is getting her vitamins and minerals at an accelerated rate.

DNA Miracles

Not only does DNA Miracles Isotonix Multivitamin Plus provide children with necessary nutrients needed to grow and stay healthy, but it provides a carefully selected blend of vitamins and minerals chosen for their exceptional bioavailability. This is important for children with special nutritional needs, as these ingredients are more rapidly absorbed and therefore better utilized by the body, giving your child the nutrients they need, when they need them. In addition, DNA Miracles Isotonix Multivitamin Plus uses the revolutionary Isotonix Delivery System, which delivers the benefits of this carefully-formulated multivitamin fast and effectively, maximizing results that can be felt quickly. When your child needs extra support from th

Great product / Not great Flavor

The DNA Miracles Isotonix Multivitamin Plus is a great product but... I believe some minor tweaking could make it exceptional! Purchased for my 4 yr old. He strongly disliked the flavor. I have been rotating it with my adult vitamin bc I refused to waste it :)