Choice™ Astaxanthin 6mg - Single Bottle (30 Servings)

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CHOICE™ Astaxanthin uses AstaReal™ astaxanthin — with quality and stability. AstaReal astaxanthin is a good source of antioxidants. AstaReal uses precision cultivation techniques in advanced facilities, producing natural astaxanthin in a purified, sterile environment.Astaxanthin’s structure allows it to provide antioxidant protection in all cell layers, whereas other antioxidants are more limited.CHOICE Astaxanthin is made exclusively in a 6-mg serving to help promote healthy body.Daily exposure to free radicals — contained within the air we breathe and the food we eat — results in ongoing, long-term physical stress. The widespread oxidative stress they cause to all systems of the body is also believed to be a primary contributor to what we call the aging process. Astaxanthin works against free radicals by providing antioxidant defense to help protect the body on a cellular level.

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Is astaxanthin vegetarian?

The effect of astaxanthin is really fast, My vision is clear after taking it. The ingredient is micro algae. But why is not vegetarian? Which ingredient is not vegetarian?

Response from Customer Service:
May 4, 2020

Dear UnFranchise Owner,

Thank you for your comment on our Choice Astaxanthin. Please be informed that this product no suitable for vegetarian as the source of the Gelatin is Bovine.

Should you need any further clarification or assistance, please drop us an email at


UnFranchise Services Team


good for eye

love this product, is very good for my eye


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Astaxanthin consumption

As I always look at computer day and night due to nature of work plus mobile utilisation, I find this product is good for my eyes after consume for more than a months. My eyes are not so tired and feel irritated. Thanks