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Booking places on the Agoda mobile site are non-commissionable. Flights are non-commissionable. Any action other than completed hotel stays are non-commissionable.

Friends & Family sale items are non-commissionable

Gift Registry Items and gift cards are non-commissionable. Purchases made by resellers are non-commissionable.

Harmon Cosmetics, Harmon General Merchandise, Harmon Beauty, Formula Food, Alternate Top Of The Bed, Duvet Covers, Print Bedding, Nursery Care & Chemicals, Personal Electronics, Safety, Shower Curtains, Toys, Window Treatments, Gift Cards, and Gift Wrapping are non-commissionable.

The Celine Dion Collection is not commissionable.

Gift cards being purchased or redeemed are non-commissionable.

Purchases made with coupon codes not obtained through CA.SHOP.COM are not eligible for cashback.

Harmon Cosmetics, Harmon General Merchandise, Harmon Beauty, Harmon Health, Harmon Miscellaneous, Formula Food, Gift Wrapping & Pick-Up in Store products are not eligible for commission. If an order includes a mix of shipped products and a Pick-Up in Store products, only the shipped portion of the order will be eligible for commission.

Redemption of Gift Cards, Prodeal, Pro Purchase, Partner, Employee, and Friends/Family related discounted portal purchases are non-commissionable.

Gift cards being redeemed, E-Gift cards being purchased and E-Gift cards being redeemed are non-commissionable.

Gift cards purchased and E-Gift Cards purchased are non-commissionable. Refurbished items, Spares & accessories are non-commissionable.

Only coupons and promo codes issued via SHOP.COM will be valid for use. If a coupon or promo code not issued by SHOP.COM is used in a purchase, cash back will not be paid.
Expedia does not pay commission on pre-packaged vacations. Airline 0% Cash Back, Special Rate Hotels 2% Cash Back, Hotel 0% Cash Back, Car 0 % Cash Back, Activities 2% Cash Back and Cruise 0% Cash Back.

E-Gift cards being purchased are non-commissionable.

Gift cards being redeemed and E-Gift cards being redeemed are non-commissionable.

Apple products, Electronics, Gift Cards being redeemed, Used Books, eBooks, Plum Points Membership are non-commissionable.